Team Focus : Wylan Niedzwiedz

Meet Wylan Niedzwiedz, a young angler who joined the Edge Rods Europe Team: Focus on his techniques and the rods he uses!

Interview with Wylan

Where can we find you fishing?

Mainly on the Loire-Atlantique coast for the sea. For freshwater, a little bit everywhere in the West of the Loire Atlantique and the South Morbihan but especially the Vilaine and the canal from Nantes to Brest.

What are your favourite techniques?

I really like vertical and straigth retrieve fishing for zander. They give you a great feeling, especially when you touch it.
For bass, I really like surface fishing with stick baits, and linear fishing and pulling.

For bass, I particularly like wacky and creature fishing. I like to go after them in the structures.

For pike, I really enjoy spring fishing when the pike react well to fast, hard lure fishing.

For perch, I like light fishing with small soft lures and small hard lures.

Which Edge Rods do you use? What are the characteristics that led you to these rods?

ISR 703-1

Specs : 2m14, 5-15g, X-Fast

I chose it for light fishing like soft lures and small hard lures like small jerkbaits. It will be used for perch, bass and zander in straigth retrieve fishing with 3 to 5 grams weigth of lure.

MBR 664-1

Specs : 1m99, 5-17g, Fast

This is a rod that I will use for vertical fishing on pike perch. I took it for the casting side which is really practical when you are driving the boat, to adjust the position of your lure in the water, but also for its lightness and its perfect size for this kind of fishing. I will also use it on bass for hard and soft lures and creatures.

MBR 735-1S

Specs : 2m21, 10-35g, Mod-Fast

It’s going to be my go-to rod! My compromise for pike-perch and bass fishing. It will be very useful for sea fishing with soft lures but also for top water fishing. I will also use it in fresh water for linear fishing.

HSR 881-2

Specs : 2m63, 10-30g, X-Fast

I took this rod for its length. I will use it mainly for fishing from the shore for bass and pike-perch when I need to cast far and reach structures or breaks for example.

MBR 738-1

Specs : 2m21, 20-75g, Fast

This is going to be my rod for the stronger freshwater fishing. It will be used to fish for pike with hard lures, spinnerbaits, chatterbaits and soft lures. It can also be used to fish for bass with jigs in obstacles and force extractions.

What is the best advice you would give to an angler who wants to progress?

The best advice is to go fishing!… To progress I think it is very important to understand the environment you are fishing in, to understand the behaviour of the fish according to the periods, the conditions, their placement. I also think it’s important to question yourself all the time because fishing is not an exact science… Something else that’s important is to listen to other fishermen, to see their techniques, how they see fishing and the environment and to be inspired by them to improve even more.

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