How to choose your sea bass fishing rod

The Edge Rods Europe website currently has 137 rod references. Previously, we made a selection of 10 rods for sea fishing. Here is a selection of 5 rods specially chosen for sea bass fishing.

Characteristics of a sea bass rod

These five selected spinning rods are part of the ISR series. They are particularly suitable for sea bass fishing for several reasons:

  • Guides: The guides are made of Titanium. They are both light and provide excellent corrosion resistance (although it is of course always advisable to rinse your equipment).
  • Handles: These rods are equipped with solid carbon handles, which are light, sensitive and very popular with robductors. They are light, correctly sized and offer excellent durability.
  • Action: These are fast, top action rods that offer plenty of resonance and accuracy.
  • Power: Edge Rods are made from North Fork Composite blanks. These blanks are known to be strong, tapered and have plenty of reserve power.
  • Price: To top it all off, the price/performance ratio is unbeatable. They cost less than 300€, for a blank made in USA, signed Gary Loomis.

Our selection

For finesse fishing | FSS-ISR 703-1

Specs : 2m14, 5-15g, X-Fast

This small Medium-Light rod is perfect for kayak sea bass fishing, sight fishing and buzzing with soft lures built up weightless over kelp. At the end of the season it can also be used for cephalopod fishing from the shore with jigs between 2.2 and 3.0. The full carbon handle is short enough not to hinder the angler when fishing from a seated position and protects the blank from the rod holders. With this little foil, the sensations are guaranteed!

The perfect medium rod | FSS-ISR 704-1

Specs : 2m13, 5-25g, X-Fast

This rod is very pleasant in the hand and can be used both in kayaks and boats. It can be used with a Flashminnow 110 or a medium sized surface lure or a finess on the fly. If the fish are stuck and you need to scrape with a soft lure, you can fish with Black Minnow 90 and 120.

Ideal for shore fishing | FSS-ISR 764-1

Specs : 2m29, 10-30g, X-Fast

This 2m29 length is very appreciated for fishing from the shore as well as from the boat. It allows you to fish far away while keeping your nerve and reactivity. This length is also very interesting to control the banner with a shad or to take off the braid from the surface of the water with a stickbait.

The versatile boat rod | FSS ISR 765-1

Specs : 2m29, 10-40g, Fast

The ultimate rod for boat fishing. If you only need to take one rod on board, this is the rod for you. With this intermediate length, you can practice both backcasting and vertical fishing. From surface lure fishing, to light tackle, to vertical fishing, there are no limits to what you can do with this rod. This Swiss Army knife will be your partner in the game for pollack, bonito, bass, cod and other coastal fish. Fishermen who ply the wild coastline will be able to use it from the shore.

The ideal drift & lift rod | FSS ISR 7116-1

Specs : 2m41, 20-60g, Fast

A real catapult for shad fishing. It accepts a 45g lead head + lure. You will be able to feel every caudal beat and know as soon as a seaweed is hooked on your lure. The length allows you to control the lure between each animation. At the end of the season or in strong conditions, you can use it with big surface lures between 13 and 17cm like Miss Carna or Cotton Cordell.

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