Our selection of fly rods for trout

Are you looking for a fly rod to fish for trout? Here is our Edge Rods selection for fly fishing trout in a large number of situations, follow the guide!

Discretion and precision

Archetype 763-4

Specs : 7’6″, #3, Fast

Anglers fishing tight, overgrown areas will be pleased with this fast and directive rod, the signature of the Archetype range. Its 7’6 and its nervousness, make this rod the tool of choice to properly approach your favorite streams and cluttered posts indried. Although she is capable of finesse and stealth, don’t underestimate her ability to produce long-range casts if your river opens up and the gobages are further away. In short, an adaptable model, at ease in a good number of situations from line #3 to #5.

Small rivers and technical casts


Specs : 8′, #3, Moderate

Perfect for small rivers thanks to its 8 feet, it will be your best ally on rivers where back casts are complicated because of the vegetation. This is the strength of the Gamma Alpha series, rods that work “mid to tip”, thus offering the possibility of performing beautiful rolls and other single hand speys.
Fast and Nervous.

Fast and Nervous

Archetype 904-4

Specs : 1′, #4, Fast

A sporty model, for anglers who want to be directive and extremely precise when landing. With a DT4, it will open up horizons for you at a distance, to perhaps go and find your trophy fish. Do not doubt its ability to bridle the most beautiful specimens, this blank has it under the hood!

The essential


Specs : 9′, #5, Moderate

The heart of the reactor, both capable of roundness and delicacy when fishing at short and medium distances, but also of control to present your dry on distant gobages. Simply the rod that will accompany you everywhere during your trout sessions.

The game changer for tank trout

Archetype 1007-4

Specs : 10′, #7, Fast

The ideal model for reservoir fishing, able to cover most situations. Both capable of finesse in the presentation of your chironomid imitation with a line of 6, as well as long casts with small streamers to fetch the most recalcitrant trout with a line of 7.

Featured models

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