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Team Focus : Jérôme and Anne Davoine

Meet Jerome and Anne, a pair of experienced anglers who have joined the Edge Rods Europe team!

Interview with Jérôme and Anne

Where can you be found fishing?

Where we are most likely to be seen is around the islands of southern Morbihan: Belle Île, Houat, Houedic are our most frequent playgrounds.

We can also be seen from time to time in the Gulf of Morbihan, Les Glénan or off the coast of Finistère

In winter, you can also see us on the canal from Nantes to Brest, stalking pike and zander.

Which Edge Rods will you use?

SWS MBR 733-1

Specs : 2m21, 7-28g, Fast

Designed for fishing with soft lures in light, both in the sea and in fresh water.

BWS MBR 734-1

Specs : 2m21, 5-25g, Fast

This one will also be suitable for fishing with small soft lures or small hard lures, but more specific to saltwater.

FSS ISR 765-1

Specs : 2m29, 10-40g, Fast

Here we are on a use of the rod with soft lures a little more consistent.

FSS ISR 766-1

Specs : 2m29, 15-50g, Fast

This will be the all-rounder for both surface lures and heavier soft lures.

FSS ISR 7116-1

Specs : 2m41, 20-60g, Fast

The drift and lift rod, impossible to go to sea without having a rod of this type.

SLJR 661-1

Specs : 1m98, max 150g, PE1

A rod with a slow action, it will be used for the vertical on the places, St Pierre and why not the sea bass in the big depths.

What are your favourite techniques for sea bass fishing?

The technique that we practice the most will be the straight retrieve, by taking a very specific angle it is unstoppable

We must not forget the drift & lift which is a sure value for sea bass fishing

This year, we will force ourselves to fish with surface lures, it is a practice that we have put aside for several years although it is really fun.

Concerning the pollock and the Saint-Pierre, what are your techniques?

For these species, we prefer vertical fishing with soft lures, there is really nothing better for these fish!

For pike perch and pike, do you have a favourite technique?

In my opinion, it is bottom bouncing, and also the slow straight retrieve.

What would be the best advice you would give to an angler to progress?

The only way to progress in fishing is to insist, listen to good advice, learn to read the spot and also let your intuition speak. One very important thing is to question yourself every time you go out, just because one session was perfect doesn’t mean the next one will be the same.

What are the characteristics that led you to these rods?

We have had our eye on Edge Rods for several years.

Until recently, we only fished with NFC blanks built up by Jerome or friends.

We don’t take the time to build up rods, we’d say for lack of time not to say laziness!

Edge Rods seems to us to be the best solution, to have NFC blanks of a faultless quality built up in the US with a carbon handle.

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