Top 10 rods for sea fishing

Edge Rods-Europe currently has 119 references available on the site. Among this range of American rods, we have selected 10 favourites for sea fishing on our European coast.

For finesse fishing

FSS-ISR 703-1

Specs : 2m14, 5-15g, X-Fast

This small Medium-Light rod is perfect for kayak bass fishing, sight fishing and buzzing with soft lures built up weightless over kelp. At the end of the season it can also be used for cephalopod fishing from the shore with jigs between 2.2 and 3.0. The full carbon handle is short enough not to hinder the angler when fishing from a seated position and protects the blank from the rod holders. The Titanium guides are perfectly suited for sea fishing. With this little foil, the sensations are guaranteed!

The topwater fishing rod

FSS-MBR 705-1

Specs : 2m13, 10-30g, Fast

This rod excels at surface fishing for bass. Whether you are fishing from the shore or from a boat, this rod is excellent for fishing over oyster beds with lures such as the Sammy or the Z-Claw. The lure has a lot of power to pull the fish off the table. And if the fish are not in the mood to build up on the surface, its versatility will allow you to switch easily to soft lures, the sensitivity being very good!

The medium rod

BWS MBR 734-1

Specs : 2m21, 5-25g, Fast

This rod is sure to become one of the best sellers in the range! This power length ratio is sought after by many anglers. The butt is particularly short, but it will not hinder anglers in boats and will increase the feeling of combat. Its power range goes from a 5″ soft lure built up in a Texan to a black minnow size 3 with a 18g TP. In the high range it will accept a Patchinko 140 without any problem.

The multi-purpose boat fishing rod

FSS ISR 765-1

Specs : 2m29, 10-40g, Fast

The ultimate rod for boat fishing. If you only need to take one rod on board, this is the rod for you. With this intermediate length, you can practice both backcasting and vertical fishing. From surface lure fishing, to light tackle, to vertical fishing, there are no limits to what you can do with this rod. This Swiss Army knife will be your partner in the game when you fish for pollack, bonito, bass, cod and other coastal fish. Fishermen who harass the wild coastline will be able to use it from the shore.

The ideal traction rod

FSS ISR 7116-1

Specs : 2m41, 20-60g, Fast

A real catapult for shad fishing. It accepts a 45g lead head + lure. You will be able to feel every caudal beat and know as soon as a seaweed is hooked on your lure. The length allows you to control the lure between each animation. It can also be used to catch sea bream for anchored fishing such as in the Gulf of Morbihan or the Brest bay. A 70g sinker is not a problem as you don’t « whip » with this type of drag building.

For shore fishing

Delta-FSS-SJR 804-2

Specs : 2m44, 10-35g, X-Fast

This two-piece rod is particularly suitable for shore fishing. It can be used for all types of lure fishing, but it is with soft lures that it will make the difference thanks to its sensitivity. Casting a small Black Minnow into the current vein that runs at the end of the rock point is its core business.

The shore casting fishing rod

Delta FSS-HSR 883-2

Specs : 2m64, 10-40g, X-Fast

This longer and more powerful rod, still in 2 sections, is also suitable for shore fishing. It is particularly suitable for fishing in the Landes bays and for fishing on exposed rocky shores. If you were looking for a rod to satellite a Super Spook or a Patchinko, look no further. CASTING JIG

The slow jigging rod

SLJR 661-1C

Specs : 1m98, max 150g, slow

A slow jig casting rod that excels at both lift fishing for pollock and madai/kabura fishing for sparids. Its power range allows it to meet the needs of many spots, but if you need to go heavier, the range includes more powerful models.

The pelagic rod

FSS HLR 7020-1

Specs : 2m14, verti max 200g, Mod-Fast

A powerful and robust rod that can be used vertically for dentex, meagre and strong wreck fishing. The relatively soft tip allows you to tire the fish while preserving your arms. In the Mediterranean, it can be used for slow trolling with a lead keeper. In Brittany, anglers can use it to jig and reel in large fish with authority.

The bluefin tuna rod for the Mediterranean

HLR 5880-1C

Specs : 1m75, 50-100lb, hybride

This 80lb trolling rod is particularly suitable for stand up fishing for bluefin tuna in the Mediterranean. This hybrid rod has a soft tip that gives way to a solid reserve of power. It is particularly suitable for amberjack and tuna between 20 and 80kg. The rod is fitted with reinforced stainless steel guides, a straight butt, a gimbal and an aluminium reel seat.

Other fishing applications

You will have understood with this selection, the range of Edge Rods covers a wide range of sea fishing techniques. If you haven’t found what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us by email at or by phone at 02 97 61 29 99.

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