Top 10 fishing rods for freshwater fishing

Edge Rods-Europe currently has 119 references available on the site.

Among this range of American rods, we have selected 10 favourites for our freshwater fishing techniques.

The trout fishing rod

FSS FWR 702-2

Specs : 2m13, 2-9g, Fast

A two-piece trout rod from the Freshwater range that will bring your swimmers and spoons to life. Its length and power make it a very versatile rod that will allow you to be at ease on small and medium sized rivers.

Drop-shot & finesse

SWS DSR 721-1

Specs : 2m18, 2-10g, Finesse

A drop shot spinning rod, which can also be used with 2″ and 3″ soft lures or small hard lures that do not pull too much (e.g. Powertail). This is an excellent rod for all light fishing, starting with perch fishing. Its length will be perfectly adapted to street fishing from the shore, boat fishing or float tube fishing.

Bass fishing rod


Specs : 1m99, 5-17g, Fast

The grip on this Medium-Light casting rod is quite impressive. The balance and lightness of this rod clearly distinguish it from other rods. This is a typical bass rod that will allow you to fish worms, craws and other finely built creatures with precision, to fish close to the structure. It can also be used to fish for perch on stickbait.

For light perch fishing

FSS ISR 703-1

Specs : 2m14, 5-15g, X-Fast

A perfect spinning rod for scratching perch with 3″ and 4″ soft lures built up on lead heads between 3 and 7g. It is an excellent rod for street fishing or canal fishing.

The linear fishing rod

BWS MBR 734-1

Specs : 2m21, 5-25g, Fast

This spinning rod is particularly suitable for linear pike fishing. Soft lures of 4 and 5″ built up on lead heads between 5 and 14g are the core business of this rod. Its sensitivity will allow you to feel even the slightest aspirations at the end of the cast.

Crankbait & power fishing

Delta-FSC CBG 714-1

Specs : 2m16, 10-35g, Moderate

A casting rod designed for crankbait fishing. It can be used for all lures that vibrate such as chatterbaits, spinnerbaits, blades and other bibbed swimming fish. With this power fishing rod, you can cover a maximum of ground while minimising any unwanted vibration feedback.

The rod for fishing water lilies

SWC SJR 736-1

Specs : 2m21, 15-40g, X-Fast

Versatile casting rod ideal for pike fishing with medium sized lures.

Frogs, spinnerbaits, and shads up to 7 inches built up weightless to get through the lily pads are a perfect match.

Verticale oR float tube


Specs : 2m06, 15-50g, Fast

A fairly short casting rod for pike and bass fishing in a float tube. Boat anglers using shapshooting will benefit from the rod’s striking power and manoeuvrability.

The all-round rod for pike


Specs : 2m21, 20-75g, Fast

Ideal casting rod to fish for pike from the shore or from a boat. It can cast lures up to 18cm. From the small 10g swimjig with trailer to the original 75g Buster, this rod shows an impressive versatility and allows you to enjoy the fight even on small fish.

The swimbait machine


Specs : 2m44, 50-150g, Mod-Fast

Une canne swimbait pour le brochet qui prendra 150g en plage haute pour avec des lancers par-dessus la tête (Over head whip), mais que le fournisseur annonce jusqu’à 225g en lancer cuillère (Lob cast). L’action mod-fast de cette canne castig lui permet de ne pas décrocher les poissons au combat.

Other fishing applications

The range of Edge Rods covers a wide range of freshwater fishing techniques. If your specifications are more specific, please contact us by email at or by phone at 02 97 61 29 99, we have over 100 Edge Rods in stock to meet all your needs.

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