Team Focus : Cédric Lechevallier

Meet Cedric Lechevallier, passionate fisherman and member of the Edge Rods Ambassador team!

Cedric’s favourite species include tuna, bass, pollack, peacock, roosterfish, cubera and amberjack.

His passion has led him to work with Edge Rods. In this interview we will learn more about Cedric’s experience as a professional fisherman and his role as a member of the Edge Rods Ambassador team.

Cedric's interview

Hi Cedric, to introduce yourself quickly, you are a fishing guide in Brittany, more precisely in Morbihan, can you tell us where we can meet you on the water?

Cédric Lechevallier : Hi everyone, so I usually leave from Pénerf (Damgan) and head to Houat, Hoëdic and Belle-Île. I fish the islands a lot, these are my favourite areas overall.

Can you tell us about the Edge Rods you use?

C.L : I am a fan of rods made in the USA, it is quite natural that I turned to the Edge Rods models! They have a lot of power, they are fast, they are nervous, and they have a clean look, everything that characterizes Gary Loomis rods!

Here are the models I have with me on the boat!

BWS MBR 734-1S

Specs : 2m21, 5-25g, Fast

The best for fishing with light soft baits and topwater lures.

FSS ISR 765-1S

Specs : 2m29, 10-40g, Fast

My all-round rod, cast and retrieve, soft swimbait, big topwater lures, and vertical fishing.

FSS ISR 7116-1S

Specs : 2m41, 20-60g, Fast

To make heavy soft swim baits on my spots, in high range, You can cast jig head of 45g + the lure.

rods cedric lechevallier for edge rods europe

What are your favourite techniques?

C.L: I particularly like topwater fishing, jigging and soft swim bait.

You are a saltwater fishing guide in Morbihan, what made you decide to become a fishing guide?

C.L : The passion to make people live beautiful moments. This is what I look for when I go guiding with my clients.

For anglers who are looking to progress, what is the best advice you could give them?

C.L: I would say that it is important to correct your line so that it goes with the lure on its way down. This will greatly improve your chances of catching fish.

Thanks Cedric and welcome to the Edge Rods team!

rods used by cedric lechevallier edge rods europe

Models shown

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