The Edge Rods Europe blog is open!

The gates of the blog are now open !
Find all our tips on the Edge Rods Blog, but also fishing stories, adventures or our recommendations for different fishing applications.

An overview of the programme

The Edge Rods Europe team gathers to offer you original and useful content throughout the year. The publications will be varied and several fishing methods will be examined to provide you with as much information as possible. We will strive to give you the most accurate answers and our personal recommendations, so make sure to follow us to not miss out!

If you have an idea for an article or want to share your experience with Edge Rods rods, feel free to contact us by email at We will be happy to publish your article.

In the meantime..

While waiting for future articles to be published, how about exploring our catalogue?

EFX PRO rods

EFX Pro rods are constructed from a 1M North Fork Composites blank manufactured in the USA with an X-Ray (matte) finish. These rods are equipped with an ECS reel seat on the casting rods, which allows the angler to have a direct connection to the blank to maximise sensitivity.

Fly rods

Three ranges of Edge fly rods available: Gamma Alpha, Gamma Beta and Archetype. LMX materials combine and balance strength and weight, designed and manufactured in structurally sound, tightly rolled tubes that are incredibly light in the hand. They are hand finished and built to perfection. Typical of performance and available in two distinct actions, these are the most responsive and effective fly rods on the market. For anglers looking for something special and high performance, these are the answer.

Pelagic rods

One of the most exciting series to come out of the EDGE factory, this series of lightweight 13′ offshore rods is about 40% lighter than your average fishing rod. The weight difference is amazing and the strength and lifting power to control your catch will take your breath away. Using a patented metal-carbon - This EDGE series is built to fight fish effectively and efficiently

Delta rods

These rods are made from North Fork Composites "Delta" blanks. High quality, untangled titanium guides Texalium reel seat and Carbon-Tex graphite handles made by North Fork Composites.

Salmon/Steel/UL rods

Pacific Salmon gave birth to EDGE rods in 2010, when this series made its mark after Gary was asked to build a special salmon rod in a contest to see how different rods compared to each other for the Salmon Steelhead Journal. That first rod won and the winning streak has yet to be broken for this founding EDGE series.

Bass rods

Gary Loomis has designed light, responsive rods that continue to evolve each year. The development of these responsive tools with LMX materials allows anglers to feel the slightest vibration and jerk of the rod, while still having the power to drive fish out of their hiding places and brush. A deadly combo. The Black Widow and First Strike series feature exclusive carbon fibre handles, manufactured in-house.

Walleye rods

The EDGE Walleye series offers lightweight, responsive rods to tackle multiple applications of this species with ease and comfort. Our Walleye models are built with lightweight tips to increase bite detection at the slightest interest to the lure.

Silverwidow rods

Blank "X-ray" made in the USA by North Fork Composites. The HMx-ray is more sensitive, and while we understand that "sensitivity" is subjective, you feel like you are getting a shock through the arm, the ultimate goal is to allow you to "see" underwater. The HMx-ray comes with a flat matte black finish, unsanded. Sanding the blanks makes them softer, the action of the blanks is crisp.c

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