Team Focus – Manon Rocher

Meet Manon, a young angler from Brittany who has joined the ranks of Team Edge Rods Europe!

Interview with Manon

Where can one come across you while fishing?

I fish in the North Brittany region in the sea, and mainly in Lower Normandy for freshwater. I also enjoy fishing in Oléron Island, which remains one of my favorite playgrounds as I lived there for 5 years.

What techniques do you enjoy?

I primarily fish in a kayak and prefer light fishing. I have a fondness for fly fishing for bass, but I must say that as I progress in my fishing journey, I find pleasure in using various techniques and targeting different species, both in the sea and in freshwater. There is so much diversity in fishing, and I love discovering and acquiring new skills.

Which models of Edge Rods do you use? What are the features that attracted you to these rods?

ISR 765-1

Specs : 2m29, 10-40g, Fast

I chose this rod for shore or kayak fishing for pike. It has good power reserve, allowing me to easily extract a pike from the vegetation and water lilies. I will also use it for stronger winter fishing of bass or pollock, where I tend to use heavier lures than during the summer season.

ISR 703-1

Specs : 2m14, 5-15g, X-Fast

As I mentioned earlier, I enjoy light fishing. This rod will be my ally for pursuing shallow-water bass in a kayak, using lures weighing no more than 20 grams. It will also be suitable for vertical fishing sessions targeting zander.

ISR 702-1

Specs : 2m14, 3-12g, X-Fast

This rod will be used for fishing bass and perch from the shore or in a kayak, as well as trout at the beginning of the season. I specify the beginning of the season because in my region, wading is only allowed from mid-May onwards, so a longer rod is necessary to achieve a good casting distance.

The major advantage of ISR rods for my fishing is their short handle. In a kayak, it is essential to have a short handle to perform proper lure animations while seated.

What is the best advice you would give to an angler who wants to improve?

In my opinion, there is no secret to improvement; it requires fishing, fishing, and more fishing! It’s important to listen to the passionate anglers around you, learn, discover, persevere, and live your passion. It’s also important to question your own practices in order to evolve further.

On a side note, I also want to encourage all female anglers to believe in themselves and know that we can all excel in a passion where we are a minority.

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