How to choose your Edge Rods?

On the Edge Rods Europe website, you’ll currently find 73 casting rods, 38 spinning rods and 28 fly rods. Here are a few tips to help you find the rod that’s right for you:

1 - Using the different filters

We’ve organised the Edge Rods Europe site by universe: Freshwater, Sea Fishing and Fly. Within each category, filters allow you to refine your search, starting with the species you are looking for and the technique you use. By browsing the website and using the various filters, you’ll be able to find the rod that suits you best.

2 - Understanding references

Rod references can seem a bit confusing if you’re not familiar with the meaning and logic of the acronyms. Let’s take the BWS DSR 711-1 as an example.

  • BWS = Black Widow Spinning
  • DSR = Drop Shot Rod
  • 711 = 7’11 » (2,16 m), power 1
  • 1 = One-piece rod

Another example: SWC MBR 733-1

  • SWC = Silver Widow Casting
  • MBR = Mag Bass Rod
  • 733 = 7’3″ (2,21 m), power 3
  • 1 = One-piece rod

3 - Understanding techniques

In an Edge rod reference, the second group of letters corresponds to the fishing technique for which the rod was designed. Understanding the original technique can, in some cases, explain why there is a difference in power between the manufacturer’s power and the actual power. Although a rod is designed for a specific fishing technique and range of use, rods can be misused.

Here are some explanations of certain techniques:

  • MB: Mag bass = Black bass rod with a stiff tip, ideal for extracting fish. Also very effective for bottom bouncing.
  • SJ: Spin Jig = More versatile bass rod than MB. Equally effective with a soft lure or a small-lipped lure.
  • Flip: Flipping = Technique that involves precisely placing a lure in openings while holding the line by hand. Requires a long and powerful rod.
  • DS: Drop Shot = Technique that involves hopping a soft lure near the bottom. X-Fast blank with a soft but sensitive tip.
  • SWB: Swimbait = Long and powerful rod that allows for casting bulky lures that swim with a simple straight retrieve.
  • CB: Crankbait = Lure with a large lip that emits vibrations through the rod. Rod with a soft tip to absorb vibrations.
  • HS: Hot Shot = Technique practiced from a boat to target large trout and salmon. The principle is to keep a lure with a large lip in currents or behind a trolling boat. Long and powerful rod with a soft tip.
  • ST: Steelhead = Large American trout. Although « ST » rods may be advertised as Fast or X-Fast, they are actually very progressive.
  • SLJ: Slow Jigging = Vertical fishing technique at sea that involves slowly animating metal lures. The rods are short, progressive, and designed for fights in unobstructed water.
  • HL: Highliner = Powerful spinning or trolling rods, ranging from 20 to 80 lb, designed for sea fishing.
  • FW: Freshwater = Series of rods designed for fishing small freshwater fish. These rods effectively animate small minnows or spoons.
  • ISR: Inshore = Series of spinning rods designed for coastal fishing. They offer excellent value for money and are excellent for bass fishing, mainly based on SJ blanks.
  • P: Pitching = Short cast under the rod, allowing for very precise short casts (less than 15 m). Requires a long and powerful rod.
  • HV: Hover = Vertical fishing technique that involves hovering over the bottom with eggs or bait mounted in a rig. These are casting rods with a thin tip but a large reserve of power.
  • SUR: Surf = Long spinning and casting rods designed for shore fishing with lures or bait.

4 - Asking for advice

We know that choosing a rod on the internet is not easy. So don’t hesitate to call +33 2 97 61 29 99 or email We’ll be able to advise you on the model that best meets your specifications.

I hope this article has helped you understand how to choose your Edge Rods. Feel free to explore our site and use the filters to find the perfect rod for you. The right rod can make all the difference to your fishing experience.

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