Team Focus – Maxime Tourriseau

Interview with Maxime

Can you briefly introduce your fishing profile?

Fishing Guide in France/Spain
I’ve been passionate about fishing since my childhood, dividing my life between mountain trout rivers and the Canal du Midi. During the winter, I work as a ski instructor and enjoy sharing my passions, providing information, and educating others.

For several years now, I’ve chosen to specialize in Bass and Trout fishing. I selected these species for several reasons: the thrill of pursuing them, their accessibility, the diverse environments they inhabit, and the constant challenges they pose.

Where can one encounter you fishing?

I fish and guide in the lakes and rivers of the Toulouse region.

What techniques do you favor?

My preferred techniques are somewhat similar yet quite distinct. They all share the common aspect of targeting fish that are often more cautious than others.

For Trout, I specialize in Nymphing. As for Bass, my two favorite techniques are punching and swimbait fishing.

What are the Edge Rods models you use?

Below, here are the rod references I use:

What characteristics led you to choose these rods?

The primary reason that led me to EDGE RODS is my passion for Bass fishing. I found their rods to have conical yet sensitive blanks, which perfectly suited my finesse fishing for big fish.

Furthermore, I later discovered models that were perfectly tailored to my trout fishing needs.

What is the best advice you would give to an angler looking to improve?

There’s only one secret to catching fish: practice. You have to spend time by the water, observe, understand, research, and try.

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