Hook kit ikijime tekagi tool

ikejime Japanese technique

fishing equipment for killing fish

-Allows a fast work to the professionals of the sport fishing, fishmongers, fish farmers, sushi masters.

-Floating tool finally a tool that you don’t lose! and that won’t go to pollute the bottom of the ocean

-Wooden handle without chemical varnish, ecological from the recycling of the rubber tree, oiled finish.

-Traditional Japanese tool designed to kill fish quickly to avoid agony and suffering

Guaranteed 3 years after-sales service in France, money back or exchanged


-Professional quality Hookook Tekagi, to practice the traditional Japanese Ikejime technique

in the simplest, most humane and fastest way, even for a beginner.

-Designed to be used for a long time on a boat, floating tool, finally a fishing tackle that you will never lose.

-Its tradional shape allows to quickly destroy the brain of the fish to avoid any unnecessary suffering.

-Three years warranty, manual and e-book in French offered.

-Size M, suitable for small, medium and large fish (preferably less than 2 meters).

-Produced from recycled rubber wood, guaranteed not to cause deforestation.

-Stainless steel punch, unvarnished handle, oiled finish.

-Hookook, the ecological brand dedicated 100% to ikijime uses cardboard packaging, recyclable and

and compostable without plastic.

Télécharger le guide des bonnes pratiques Ikejime

Made In Thailand

More infos on Ikejime

Poids 270 g


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