9″ (2m76), #10, 4pcs :

Fly rod for pike fishing with big streamers.

Our 9-foot 10-weight is the second most popular choice among saltwater anglers. This rod is designed to handle big streamer flies, size 2 and above, and it is capable of pushing bigger flies at fairly reasonable distances. Also good for weighted flies and heavily weighted sinking fly lines, it comes with a large diameter fighting butt for cushioning when playing bigger fish. This is also an excellent light-duty tarpon rod. After all, they are not all 100-pounders.

Built with butt and full wells carbon grip, aluminium reel seat and Snake Brand ECO guides (Stainless steel). Rod Case and rod sock included.

All our rods have their guides built up on the straightest part of the blank. The rods sold on the Edge Rods Europe website are the real Gary Loomis brand. These products are handmade directly in the American factories. Edge rods are made of carbon, therefore it is strongly advised not to fish in stormy weather due to the electrical conductivity of carbon.

Poids 3000 g
Suggested species

Exo, Pike

Length (cm)


Length (')




Line power (lb)


Number of strands


Weight (g)





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