Silverwidow rods

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USA Made North Fork Composites “X-ray” Blank.

Our newest material HMx-ray is the latest edition to the NFC material family. HM because it’s the highest modulus currently available, x-ray because just like an x-ray machine helps you see things you normally would not, you can feel the slightest vibration with these blanks. These are the lightest, strongest blanks that we have ever manufactured.· HMx-ray is 20% lighter than our existing HM (which is already insanely light!)

HMx-ray is more sensitive, and while we understand that “sensitivity” is subjective, it feels like you are receiving a shock through the arm, the ultimate aim is to allow you to “see” underwater.

HMx-ray comes with in un-sanded, flat matte-black finish. Sanding blanks makes them softer, the action of these blanks is crisp.

The resin in these blanks is specifically developed for the fishing industry, and stops crack-propagation (even if you impact the blank and create a micro-fracture which would normally result in a failure down the road, this amazing resin resists to continuing to crack, extending the life of the blank.

HMx-ray is a scrim-less material, hoop is obtained by a very fine fiber slit into the other. This construction with a high modulus fiber allows the creation of an equal stiffness part, with less material.

What are the features of Silverwidow rods?
  • Premium Titanium Tangle Free K Frame Guides
  • Edge USA made reel seat with locking nut
  • Hand-braided Nickel Fiber grips that provide a light textured feel