About : Edge products are synonymous with performance. We want no limits on our fishing gear. And we knew we couldn’t make the quintessential fishing rods in a traditional retail model (we tried!), we had to change it.

That’s what we did.


Edge Rods is a whole new type of business. Most companies cut material or labour costs to meet the prices set by retail buyers on shop shelves, with most of these products marked up by fifty or even one hundred percent. Edge Rods is different. We sell directly to the consumer, which allows us to eliminate retail markups. By owning our own factory and not having middlemen, we can make products without compromising on quality. We can make better material at a better price. We are always looking for new and innovative materials. 

Our connection to our founder Gary Loomis allows us to use proven, but constantly improving, manufacturing processes. In our never-ending quest to make lighter, stronger fishing tackle, we investigate new materials we find based on our mantra: “weight is a barrier to performance“. 

When we think we are close to the perfect design, we test our gear with our team of professionals in the best and worst conditions. We do all this because we want to make nothing less than the best fishing gear in the world. Without limits, without compromise.

Proudly built for you in Woodland, WA USA.


Low prices stimulate sales in retail shops. Retail buyers force manufacturers to produce products with predetermined prices in mind, limiting them to the cheapest raw materials and components.


We’ve cut out the middleman so we can unleash our talent, imagination and limitless capabilities. Our designs and products are created from the best materials, technologies and manufacturing processes in the world, and we deliver them directly to you, at no extra cost. The result? Much better products at incredible prices.



Our business model allows us to work with the best in the world. Our pride in technological advances is on display for you and that’s why we invite customers to come and see how we do what we do – Out factory in Woodland, USA is open and we invite you to see our innovation in action. We want you to trust your products when it matters most.


EDGE is constantly pushing the envelope on the premise that « weight is a barrier to performance » at a price that is second to none. We have brought innovation to the fishing market and we will continue to do so. We’ve only just begun, and we’re excited about what’s on the horizon.

Source : edgerods.com