Seanox V.3 Tuna Clamp


Aluminum handle

Stainless steel pliers


The Seanox V.3 Tuna Claw is designed to immobilize large marine fish and unhook them safely without taking them out of the water.

Made in France, we designed it not to hurt the fish while ensuring a firm grip for fishermen even on the largest specimens, up to 300kgs. It will allow you to release your catch with a minimum of trauma for the fish.

Tested and approved, the Seanox Tuna Claw is robust and reliable. It will become an indispensable accessory for your Big Game sessions!

Material :

Aluminum handle

6mm stainless steel pliers

Heat-shrinkable non-slip grip with water repellent and waterproof properties

Black epoxy paint

Dimensions :

Jaw opening : 7 cm

Length : 1,30 m

Weight : 1.940 kilos

Specificity of our pliers

Large jaw with grooves to prevent the pliers from slipping into the fish’s mouth

Impossible to open without pulling the trigger

Quick closing

Resistant grip and does not slip, even with wet hands

300 kilos resistance at the opening

Ergonomic handle, allows the whole hand to slide for more comfort and safety

Black epoxy paint for more resistance to salt

Gewicht 3000 g


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